Maria F. Scaroni is a dance artist. She interprets choreographic works, creates dances and hosts dance workshops. Trained independently, moved to Berlin in 2004, where she works as a freelance dancer performing/creating with Jess Curtis, Jeremy Wade, Frank Willens, Tino Sehgal, Vania Rovisco, Hannah Hegenscheidt, Wilhelm Groener, (a.o.). Since  2011 Maria collaborates with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, (Until Our Hearts Stop, Sketches/Notebook, with its following initiative Supernova, and Built To Last), sharing with her and part of the Berlin dance community, the commitment to improvisation as a performance event (City Lights, Auf den Tisch!, Politics of Ecstasy). Scaroni’s choreographic works focus on the process of collaboration, play with durational experiences and are featured by a crossbreeding between performance, choreography and installation. Maria teaches in Berlin’s University HZT and is involved in developing independent training programs (in Berlin, P.O.R.C.H. and ROAR) researching the body as material. She holds a Masters degree in Italian Modern Literature, with a thesis on education and dance.

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Conversation with Diego Agullo, Measuring the Temperature of Dance (2016) – Video  Interview

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Supernova, a collective journey by and with the Sketches/Notebook artists, HAU Theater, Berlin



Tour with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods (Built to Last, Sketches/Notebook, Until Our Hearts Stop)

Walk and Talk, invited by Impulstanz/Mumok


. Unaknowledged Loss, upon Barbara Raes’ invitation, HAU Theater, Berlin.

. WET (1976- ), as part of Amazonas#2, Sophiensaele, Berlin.

. Irrational Landlordism, with Peter Pleyer and Michiel Keuper, Dock 11, Berlin.




Tour with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods (Built to Last, Sketches/Notebook, Until Our Hearts Stop)


. City Lights, a continuous gathering, an improvisation event for HAU Theater, Berlin, co-curated with Meg Stuart.

. Walk and Talk, commissioned by Philipp Gehmacher and Tanznacht Berlin 2016.

. Rituals from the Fringe, Kunstmuseum Bonn, performance project and daily interventions with Frank Willens.




. Premiere: Until Our Hearts Stop by Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, Münchner Kammerspiele

. Tour: Built to Last, Sketches/Notebook with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods; Towards Another Miraculous with Frank Willens; Display (solo work)


. Collaboration with Peter Stamer for the residential project 720 Hours, Heidelberg



. Tour: Sketches/Notebook and Built to Last with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods; Dark Material mit Jeremy Wade/XIU XIU/Monika Gzysmala


. Towards Another Miraculous, co-authored with Frank Willen, HAU, Berlin

. Tanzstipendiantin 2014, Berlin Senat Förderung, research in San Francisco with pioneer Sara Shelton Mann



. Premiere: Sketches/Notebooks by Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, HAU, Berlin

. Premiere: Dark Material by Jeremy Wade, Xiu Xiu, Monika Gzysmala, Kampnagel, Hamburg

. Premiere: Yet Untitled 2013 by Tino Sehgal, Biennale Arte, Venice

. Premiere: Turbulence, A Dance about the Economy by Keith Hennessy and San Francisco- based, queer activists and performers. Kampnagel, Hamburg

.Tour: Built to Last with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, Display (solo work)




. Premiere: Built to Last by Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, Münchener Kammerspiele

. Premiere: This Variation by Tino Sehgal, at Documenta (13) Kassel


. Display.Une écriture (féminine) for body and stage, produced by Tanztage, Berlin



. Improvisation Project: Auf den Tisch! By Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods , YBCA, San Francisco

. Premiere: JOY by Wilhelm Groener at Uferstudios, Berlin

. Tour: Dances for Non-Fictional Bodies by Jess Curtis/Gravity, YBCA, San Francisco and american tour; Wilhelm Groener Anniversary, Uferstudios, Berlin


. Stipendium at KuenstlerHaus Lukas, Ahrenshoop/ Tanz Stipendianten April 2011

. AADK Berlin, events curatorship and creations (Dance.Private Carnival, and The State of Things with Vania Rovisco)

. Awarded residency in Maribor Capital of Culture 2012, Slovenia for further research of The State of Things, in collaboration with Vania Rovisco

.The State of Things, performance installation with Vania Rovisco/AADK Sophiensaele Kantine, Berlin




. Premiere: Dances for Non Fictional Bodies by Jess Curtis/Gravity, Counterpulse, San Francisco and Uferstudios, Berlin

. Premiere: Bitte Streicheln Sie Hier by Hannah Hegenscheid, Uferstudios, Berlin

. Premiere: A circle is a perfect line by Friederike Plafki, Schwimmhalle Steglitz, Berlin

. Premiere: Am Bildaltar by Wilhelm Groener, Munich


Installation works within the Berlin-based network AADK, Aktuelle Arkitektur der Kultur. Solo work Dance.Private Carnival and collaboration with Vania Rovisco on durational live works The State of Things.




. Premiere: Am Anfang war das Ende by Wilhelm Groener, Berlin

. Premiere: From…To by Davide Camplani/Sasha Waltz and Guests, Radialsystem, Berlin

. Premiere: Zero Point by Sara Shelton Mann, Potsdamer Tanztage, Potsdam

. Improvisation Project: Politics of Ecstasy improvisation series instigated by Meg Stuart, Jeremy Wade and Brendan Dougherty

. Premiere: Precarious Intimacy by Juli Reinartz, Tanztage, Berlin


. The Symmetry Project – Re:presentation (study# 14) Co-creation with Jess Curtis (ongoing research since 2006).

. The Symmetry Project installation/ritual for Lange Nacht der Opern und Theater, Tanzfabrik , Berlin



. Premiere: Red Gold Sky by Sara Shelton Mann/David Slaza, Theater Artaud, San Francisco

. Premiere: Precarious Beauty by Juli Reinartz, Tanztage, Berlin


. The Symmetry Project/TRANSMISSION site specific installation for 100 bodies commissioned by TANZNACHT, Berlin

. P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. (Berlin) – choreographic research with Friederike Plafki.

. Parallaxe Seconde, Fabrikationen 08 Tanzfabrik, Berlin, Co-creation with Friederike Plafki

. Symmetry Study #10 Solo Medi(t)ation in collaboration with installation-based collective BRIDGE ON A WALL curated by Vania Rovisco and Abraham Hurtado, Gallerie Tristesse Deluxe, Berlin

. Symmetry Stud y#7 co-creation with Jess Curtis, San Francisco



. Premiere: Touched, Symptoms of being Human (2004/05), Under the Radar (2006/07) by Jess Curtis/Gravity, Dock 11, Berlin and YBCA, San Francisco

. Inspirare by Sara Shelton Mann, Theater Artaud, San Francisco


. She Must. Come Soon – co-creation with Ulrike Bodammer

. The Symmetry Project (2006/09) – Concept and performances in installation and theatrical settings co-authored with Jess Curtis


. Anima in Vinile, Uh Ah!, Alice Underground by Manuela Bondavalli, produced by Gardadanza, Brescia


. Il Guastafeste and Ci Vediamo in TV , TV productions, with Brian & Garrison and Anna Rita Larghi, Canale 5, Rai 2. Commercial events with Anna Rita Larghi



1998/2015– Independent training via workshops and masterclasses with Virgilio Sieni, Sosta Palmizi, Company Blu, Robert Anderson, Andrew Harwood, Daniel Lepkoff, David Zambrano, Jess Curtis, Sarah Shelton Mann, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Eva Karczag, Kirstie Simson, Shahar Dor, Hanna Hegenscheid, Meg Stuart, Benoit Lachambre, Philip Gehmacher, Keith Hennessy, Stephanie Maher, Peter Pleyer, Sten Rudstrom.

Ongoing training in Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga, Osho Dynamic Meditation 

1998/2004 – Release-based dance technique and Contact Improvisation with Manuela Bondavalli Danza (Italy). Mesier and Alexander Technique and Postural Alignment (RPG).

1990/94 – Modern/Jazz Dance with Virgilio Pitzalis, Daniel Tinazzi, Mauro Astolfi, Brian&Garrison, Steve La Chance, Guido Tuveri, Anna Rita Larghi.


2005 – Masters Degree in Italian Modern Literature (with focus on Communication and Media) from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Dissertation: The Body Project. I perchè della danza educativa on dance education through the lens of socio-anthropological studies of the body.



  • 2012 to 2018 “Body/Material” and “Foam”

Intensive Workshops at

  • P.O.R.C.H./Ponderosa, Smash Berlin, HZT (BA in choreography, SODA MA in Solo, Dance, Authorship), Berlin
  • Theater Academy Helsinki (MA Choreography)
  • Impulstanz (Vienna)
  • Tsek Summer School (Moscow)
  • Trasformationdance (Montreal)
  • Centro de Arte Contemporanea de Castello (Castello)
  • Museum of Modern Art (Warschau)
  • Notafe, Improvisation Festival (Viljandi)
  • Dance House (Limerick)
  • Burdag (Polen)
  • Çıplak Ayaklar Kumpanyası (Istanbul)
  • Masterclasses at: Dansen Hus (Oslo), Dance House (Dublin), Trasformationdance (Montreal), Centre des Belles Artes (San Louis Potosi, Mexico), Theatre Amandiers (Nanterre, Paris), Azkuna Zentroa, Dantzan Bilaka (Bilbao, ES)
  • 2014/2015 – present “Fish Lizard Leopard Man”, co-hosted with Peter Pleyer, at Smash Berlin, P.O.R.C.H., Zagreb Improvisation Festival
  • 2012/2013/2015/2017 Mentor for HZT BA and SODA, Berlin
  • 2005 to 2010 “Emulating the experimental mind” at ODC, Dance Mission, Counterpulse, Kunst Stoff art space with Kathleen Hermesdorf, in San Francisco; International dance festivals across Europe for Contact Improvisation anniversary’s collateral events, Stolzenhagen (DE), Cluj (RO), Budapest (HU), BodySurf Scotland, Spazio Nu Pontedera (IT), Festival Movimientos (Wolfsburg), reframing contact improvisation practices.
  • 2010/2011 “Zeitgenossische Körper” lab in collaboration with Vania Rovisco at P.O.R.C.H. Ponderosa/Stolzenhagen, on improvisation, performance and physical states.
  • 2005/2008“Dance class”, at Tanzfabrik Berlin, K77 (Berlin), Container 12 (IT), Counterpulse (SF), technique class.
  • 2007/2010“The Symmetry Project”, masterclasses and tranmission session aiming to a group installation in public spaces.


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