an Écriture (féminine) for the body and the stage


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Sound/voice training: Alessio Castellacci

Costume Manifacture: Peter Pleyer

In conversation with: Mariola Groener, Stephanie Maher

A production by Tanztage Berlin, 2012

Performed at: berlin tanztage 2012, Stary Browar Poznan 2014, Improvisation Festival Zagreb 2015, Wroclaw 2015, HZT Berlin 2016.


An inner dialogue, a body manifesto, a dance work for the stage created by ‘monologuing’ with Interior Scroll (1975), by Carolee Schneemann. The scroll is a papyrus, a site of knowledge that she recognizes as internal, intuitive and sacred. She extracted a text our of her genitalia, after a ritual-like set up, including posing in the nude, reading, covering herself in mud.

Display attempts a reflection upon the ambition of the dancer body to integrate modes of knowledge making, merging a methodological and linear approach with an experiential, perceptual, radial way of proceeding via a ‘carnivalesque’ embodied discourse.

It reflects upon the (female and dancer) body’s nuances of exposure, in a present state of becoming, weaving its lineages in this time where performance art and dance collide and move awkwardly forward.

Plus necessary narcissism, healing work, an ignorant approach to creation and the unattainable distancing of life from art making.








Excerpts from the original text read in Interior Scroll (1974) by Carolee Schneemann:

I met a happy man

A structuralist filmmaker

-but don’t call me that

it’s something else I do-

he said we are fond of you

you are charming

but don’t ask us

to look at your films

we cannot

there are certain films we cannot look at

the personal clutter

the persistence of feelings

the hand-touch sensibility

the diaristic indulgence

the painterly mess

the dense gestalt

the primitive techniques […]




[…]he told me he had lived with

a “sculptress I asked does

that make me a “film-makeress”?


“Oh no,” he said. “We think of you

as a dancer.”



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Photos by Paulo Melo