The State of Things


The State of Things

conceived and curated by Vania Rovisco and Maria F. Scaroni (AADK Berlin), 2009/2011

With the participation of numerous artists and people from the surrounding communities (see blog)

The State of Things is a womb, a place to transform matter, space and time through the body’s un-linear and reiterated invasion. It looks like a refugee camp for pin ups, where nobody knows if the war has passed. The wood is for light and heat, the wool and cotton come from animals, the gold and the glitters are post-industrial, the feet grew heels with no questions. How is the female body seen and felt? Can we evoke a collective memory of the feminine? We let the body raise and travel for 12 hours and invite the audience as witness, participant, voyeur, visitor.
Female is space. Carved up, penetrated, stuffed. Female is place.
Female is cut up in images. And the organs?
Female is internal depths. What about the skin highways?
What other genders are to surface?
/ for hours / for days / until exhaustion / eventually soul / in an empty clean body / frail / lost / go into the mane of impulses – whose? ours? / eventually “die” and return unknown / fasting old patterns / multiple bodies will surface and joins us.

The State of Things is a performance project that aims to involve individuals into a live creation process. It is not bound to pre-existing conditions, but tends to exploit the given situations to create an original dramaturgy for bodies in space. Rovisco and Scaroni have been dismantling the borders between visual art and dance/body work, forging what they call Visual Art Performance. The live events irritate the conventional representation of bodies and their normative social function and foster ambiguity as a viewing mode, multitasking as compositional tactic and multiplicity of associations and aesthetic choices.






photo credit: Paul Green